An Introduction To Active Wears

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Those people who love to stay active and are on the go type usually prefer active wears. This type of clothing is slightly different from traditional clothing. Considering the style and fashion statement, many popular brands are now trying their hands in manufacturing active wears. RIO Clothing is also a brand that deals in active wears for both the genders. Active wears include clothing apparels for your Gym work out sessions, Yoga workout sessions, as well as for daily physical exercises. Active wears are made available in all sizes and for all ages. These active wears provide you with freedom as well as elasticity that you need at the time of doing various types of workouts. Whether you are playing your favorite game or doing any physical activity which involves heavy body movement, in that case these active wears will provide you with best help and don’t create any kind of problem with your physical movements.

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There are numerous features that one should consider while selecting the best active wear for himself. Some of the important features are mentioned below.

  • Fabric type: Active wears are made available in many different fabrics. There are many types of fabrics that you can choose depending upon your necessities. 100% pure cotton made active wears are considered as best for your daily use, whereas nylon and lycra based active wears are also used widely these days. Lycra is considered as perfect material for your stretching work. If you are doing yoga or some physical exercise in which you need to do lot of stretching then Lycra active wears will be the best for you. There are also synthetic wears that are made available in the market. You can either choose natural fabric or synthetic fabric for your active wears. Natural eco friendly active wears are more preferred by athletes as compared to chemically prepared synthetic wear.
  • Clothing type: Once you have made your mind with the fabric that you are comfortable with. Then you need to analyze what kind of clothing you require for your physical exercises. There are many types of yoga pants that are available in the market. Some of them are full length while many of them have length equal to that of a Capri. Each length type will offer different types of comfort and freedom. Physical exercises cause a lot of body heat and sweating if you are doing it correctly. So, always consider a fabric as per the length for your workout. You should choose t-shirts which are not too tight as physical exercise also results in heavy breathing. A tight t-shirt may cause some problem with your breathing capacity. Also, a tight t-shirt will not allow any kind of ventilation from your body.

Essential Sports Apparel For Winter Sports

It’s almost that time of the year again- when the distant mountains will be snow-packed- waiting for you to zoom down those white slopes. Skiing is a favourite sport for everyone, and ski resorts are pre-booked months in advance in anticipation of an exciting winter holiday. However, before you head out, you need to cover up well in order to keep the chills out. Here is a list of winter apparel that’s an absolute must before you step out on the slopes. Do keep in mind that  your usual cotton long johns and questionably-waterproof jacket will not do the job when it comes to the extreme weather conditions in the mountains.

Waterproof Jackets: Invest in a sturdy, waterproof and breathable jacket which offers good insulation and enables air flow with the stuffed lining. Make sure that the jacket you buy has good  chest and back zips and stretch cuffs with thumbholes keep snow out of your sleeves in case of a fall. Buy jackets with bright and reflective colours which will make you visible at long distances through snowfall and fog.

Hardshell Ski Pants: Make sure to buy double layered hardshell pants with waterproof fabric. Ideally, the pants should come equipped with many pockets to keep all your essentials. There should be provision for good ventilation and articulated knees for unrestricted movements on snow. The pants should also provide zip-in gasket so that you can zip together your jacket and pants to keep the snow completely out

Insulated Shirt: Don’t forget to pack good quality insulated flannel shirts. Waterproof jacket and pants are fine for the snowy conditions, but you also need something more to keep you warm. An insulated shirt offers you warmth and comfort as you get ready to spend the day on the slopes.

Base Layer Top & Bottom: Winter is the time for layers and layers of clothing- especially in the chilly mountain air. Do invest in top quality woollens preferably made  from pure merino wool. That’s because this wool is incredibly soft and gives a comfortable and odour free experience. It also offers good support for you to comfortably wear all the ski gear and ski boots.

Woolen Hat: This is another must and you should buy one with thick earflaps and cuff band on the forehead to keep the chill out. A warm woollen hat will make sure that you stay comfortably warm even in high windy conditions.

Gloves: Buy gloves which give you warmth and also make room for dexterity. You shouldn’t have to fumble with tasks like tying shoe laces and ski boot straps with complicated gloves. Look around and try some gloves on before you buy yourself a pair or two.

Balaclava: Finally, your face needs protection from the strong cold winds and snow. A balaclava is a must with all the other ski gear you pack for your trip. Look for one which has soft inner linings for comfortable wear and water and windproof fabric for complete protection. Try it on with a ski helmet to see if it offers a comfortable fit underneath the helmet. Also, make sure that it doesn’t affect your hearing capability- preferably buy ones which offer thermodynamic fabric at the ears to allow good hearing.